engine problems

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engine problems

Mensagempor crowek » 21 Jun 2018, 10:06


Lately I've been having random engine problems. The first time I noticed something was wrong I was pulling someone on a wake board and the engine was revving up and down intermittently after about a minute or so the problem was gone. A couple weeks later same thing. And last week I was in a no wake zone and with almost full tank of gas the boat sputtered out. Tried to restart right away and took a few tries with wide open throttle but it started up. Next day I was just exiting the no wake zone and hit it, I made it about 100 yards and the boat died. tried to stater it up for about half hour before asking a near by fisher man to tow me back in. While at the dock tried starting with out air filter, check the gas filter were it enters the carburetor it was clean gas was flowing, took a spark plug out wasn't flooded. I'm lost? Any one experience something like this?

Any help will be apprecited.

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